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About Foundry Support Operations

    With more than 70 years of experience in the investment casting industry, Foundry Support Operations offers expert consulting services to help optimize productivity and maximize output. Our expertise in the automotive, power generation, gas turbine and aerospace industries allows us to provide you with sound advice and solutions for casting design, program management and foundry operations.

The executives of Foundry Support Operations have accumulated more than 70 years experience in the entire supply chain of the casting industry. We have been exposed to challenges and opportunities that have allowed us to assemble our experience into a knowledge base that ranges from having a role in designing products as castings, to delivering fully finished, ready-to-assemble cast components. We understand both the technical nature of casting manufacture, as well as the processes on both sides of what makes cast components profitable; casting design, tolerances and specifications, pre-cast components such as ceramic cores, rapid prototyping, high-yield casting processes, and casting finishing advice.

Not only have our combined years in the casting industry given us a broad base

of experience, they have allowed us to develop relationships with other experts that we can call upon to compliment our own base of expertise. Our clients often need to reach from raw materials control to root cause component failure analysis. Foundry Support Operations is there to find your solutions. Beyond the technical side of our consultancy, we also offer years of experience in operational productivity improvements. Lean implementation, identification of capacity constraints and waste elimination are naturally areas of our focus. As we built our broad base of managerial experience, we became very adept at identifying those that clearly wanted a role of leadership. Clients can rely on our executives to assist them in creating a future base of leaders by providing coaching advice to their young, high-potential candidates.

The Foundry Support Operations Executive Team is headed by:

Jim Avery

40+ years experience
• Casting Engineering and Engineering Management
• Ceramic Core Engineering Management and
      Product Development
• Operations Management
• Facilities Engineering Management
• Engineering Leadership Development

Jim Hauska

35+ years experience
• General Manager, Casting Support Operations
• Operations Management
• Casting Engineering and Engineering Management
• Combining Lean principles with technical capabilities
• Engineering and Operations Leadership development

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